1. watuseezwatuget:

Been outdoors at a friend’s party for hours. The cold hurts so much, so I guess I am very much alive….


    Been outdoors at a friend’s party for hours. The cold hurts so much, so I guess I am very much alive….

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    • *does something that causes pain*
    • Everybody: Why do you do it if it causes you pain.
    • *stops doing things*
    • Everybody: Oh my god you never do anything. Get out of your house every once in awhile jeez.
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  2. Help Me Get A Wheelchair


    Fresh post, because update!

    I have found the chair I need for significantly cheaper. Sweet! But I can’t change the listed goal from $8000 to $4000. Boo! Oh well.

    Long story short: I am halfway to being able to afford what I need as a bare minimum for the powered wheelchair. There are 36 days left for me to get this money. I need this money not just to do fun stuff like hang out with my friends and go to conventions, but to do basic stuff like go to the shop and return to university.

    Please, please, donate if you can, but if you could share, that would be fantastic.

    At the encouragement of anons, I am also opening up art commissions in return for donations. If you are interested, contact me with what you are after and I’ll see what we can work out!

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  3. This illness won’t kill me, but at this point, I wish it would.
    Sometimes, I just want to give up. (via kissmyfibroass)
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  4. personallyyoursrobyn:

    You can be able to walk & still need a wheelchair.

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  5. chronicchristianity:

    You can’t tell if you’re actually depressed or just too fatigued to process any sort of emotion.

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  6. chronically—courageous:

Well this is just too easy…


    Well this is just too easy…

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  7. http://tidetakeme.tumblr.com/post/98810969895/can-i-just-say-so-last-thursday-when-i-nearly


    Can I just say, so last Thursday when I nearly passed out in class again due to my dysautonomia, and I went up to the college’s main building which was right around the corner. The lady that works there knows I haven’t felt well, and I asked her to go get my sister who was in another class to take…

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  8. positivity-in-pain:

Spoonie Problems.


    Spoonie Problems.

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  9. ifihavethespoons:

    one: “i can stay out. i’ve felt worse than this before.”

    two: “goddamn it! i’ve got things i need to do today.”

    three: “maybe i can take a quick cat nap or promise to sleep late tomorrow.”

    four: *uncontrollable sobbing*

    five: ok, fine. i have fatigue. i’ll take it easy for now.

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